Faux Antique Finish

Recently we moved into a new home. The way that our master bedroom is set up, we decided to hang our TV above the dresser.  We have always had a dresser mirror that came attached to our dresser but in order to hang the TV above the dresser, the mirror had to go.

The mirror sat in the corner of our room for a few weeks and I kept telling myself I was going to photograph it and sell it on a local buy, sell, trade app. Thank goodness I procrastinated because I had a vision for above our fireplace in the living room, and a giant mirror was involved.

We have lived in three houses now that have had a fireplace. The first one was our very first apartment. We had zero wall space for a TV, so we decided to hang out TV above the fireplace. The second was he same way, no room for a TV on the wall so again, we hung it above the fireplace. My husband loves this look! I don’t mind it; however, I would much rather decorate the mantel.

As our family grew, we needed more space. We found the perfect house that accommodated all of our needs, including a HUGE empty wall BESIDE the fireplace!!! As you can imagine, I was VERY excited about this. The first thing I did was called dibs on the fireplace mantel and the TV got hung on the wall.

So that now that I finally have a fireplace mantel to decorate, it was time to think about how I wanted it decorated. I wanted a large statement piece and I wanted to mix textures such as wood, glass and greenery. I wanted candles and different types of candle holders. I wanted it to look kind of vintage but farmhouse at the same time.

I began to look for large antique mirrors and let me just tell you…. those bad boys are expensive. After several days of searching for the perfect mirror, I had an idea!  I was going to use the dresser mirror I has sitting in the corner of our room. I could make do a faux antique look around the frame and the shape and size would be perfect for our mantel.

So, if you are in the market for an antique mirror but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get one, keep reading!! If you are still with me at this point, you better have been so interested in the title that you are antiquing a frame no matter what and I would LOVE to hear out it went in the comments!

Here is what you will need:

    • Mirror
    • Metallic Gold Spray Paint- I found mine Here
    • Rounded Stencil Brush- I found mine here in a pack of two in store
    • Paper plate or something handy to put the wax on
    • Paper towel

Step one, tape off the mirror. I used packing tape and packing paper form our move. Newspaper would work great as well.

Since I started with a spray paint that could be used on wood, there was no prep work needed. Depending on what kind of mirror frame you have, you may need to lightly sand. Since I did not need to sand this frame, I sprayed two layers of the metallic gold spray paint onto the frame and let dry for 15 minutes each layer.

Once dried, I squeezed the folkart wax onto a paper plate and grabbed my rounded stencil brush.

For this part, you do NOT want a lot of wax on your brush. You want to dip your brush into the wax then wipe your brush onto a paper towel as if you were painting the paper towel. After you have just a little bit of wax on your brush, start “painting” over the metallic gold paint. You will make painting like strokes until you get the look you are going for.

The good thing about wax is that you have time to take it off with a paper towel if you think you went a little too heavy. I like to step back often to see the waxing process from a distance to decide if I want more or less wax in certain areas.

You will be able to tell right away which areas have wax and which do not. As you can see in the photo below, the bottom f the mirror has been waxed and the side has not.

Add as much or as little wax as you would like. For me, I went a little heavy on the wax because I felt the metallic was a little too shiny for the antique look I was shooting for.

Once you have reached your desired look, LET DRY for about 30 min. This is important because if you touch the wax while it is still wet, it will come of in areas you have touched, and you will leave finger prints in the wax. After it dry’s, you are ready to decorate using your new “antiqued” piece up for all to see!

My procrastination was finally put to good use. I am so glad I did not sell this mirror because it turned out to be the perfect statement piece for our mantel. I receive so many compliments and it was super cheap and easy to do!

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