Half Bath Remodel – Shiplap wall and Peel and Stick tiles

Finally, a very long awaited post about our half bathroom remodel. I have been so busy with a two year old and a now six month old, that finishing this project took me a lot longer than I anticipated, today however, the bathroom is finished and I’m ready to share all the details with y’all.

Pulling up tile, replacing a vanity and pulling cabinets off the wall was just not something I wanted to do. Well… I wanted to lol but I knew I shouldn’t. I knew I wasn’t going to have the time since I was eight months pregnant and would soon have a two year old and newborn in the house. I also knew there were several other things I wanted to do in the home, so remodeling this bathroom on a budget and in a timely manner, was my main goal. 

So here we go! If you are wanting to remodel your bathroom on a budget, keep on reading and find out how to transform your bathroom 

This is what the bathroom looked like before we even moved in. 

First thing I knew, that mirror HAD to go! It was first on my list. Luckily, this was very easy to remove. I expected this mirror to be glued the the wall, but it was not. All I had to do was unscrew the four clips that were screwed into the wall that were holding the mirror up. 

Because we were not going to replace the sink, I wanted to try and find a mirror that was just small enough so I could add a shelf under it but still big enough to be used. I had planned on using the shelf to store hand soap which would normally be placed on the sink’s countertop. 

While shopping for a mirror, I found the PERFECT one at target. It was the perfect size and color and the best part was, it had a shelf already attached to it.  So I got the mirror, but before I hung it up, I decided I wanted to shiplap the one wall behind the sink. I had originally wanted to shiplap the whole bathroom but because we have rounded corners, I didn’t want to mess with it. I felt like adding shiplap to this one wall would make for the perfect statement piece. 

You’ll notice that on the left side, the shiplap does not line up. This is because I had my pieces cut down at Home Depot and the person who cut them, cut them too short. Because of this, I decided to go back to Home Depot and get some wood pieces and frame out this wall. More information on the shiplap process will be posted in a separate blog post which I will link here as soon as it’s up. 

After the shiplap was all up, I started painting. Paint is such a good way to totally transform a room and when you have a small room like this half bath, its also very affordable. I painted the whole bathroom, including the shiplap and ceiling with the paint below. 


After all the paint was done, I hung the mirror and decided that the mirror and light fixture did not look good together. I knew I wasn’t getting rid of the mirror but I also didn’t want to buy a new light fixture since the shiplap wall was already done and I was doing this remodel on a budget. 

I got on Amazon and found the perfect solution. I bought these awesome metal lamp guards for pendant lights. We have three light bulbs so I only had to buy one pack and totally transformed the lighting for less than $20. All I had to do was unscrew the current light shades and replace them with the new ones using two screws on each side. After updating the light fixture, the statement wall was done and it was time to decorate the walls. 

Before I started this remodel I knew I wanted a modern farmhouse look using black and white but I also wanted to keep the wood accents as well. I started by making my own wooden shelf with black brackets to tie in the brown and black. After hanging the first one up, I decided I also wanted one above the toilet, so I made two. More details on how to make your own wood shelves in upcoming blog post. I will link here as soon as blog is up. 

After I hung a shelf on the wall and above the toilet, I went to Target, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby to shop for decorations. Decor pieces linked at the end of this post. 

As you can see in the first photo, I also changed the flooring in this room. After all the decorations were up and I thought the room was done, I decided I wanted to try my hand at stenciling the floor. I had seen so many other post on IG about it and loved every post I saw. Because I have a machine that can make a stencil, I thought this would be the best and most affordable way to transform the floors.

I started cleaning the floors and preparing for the stenciling and realized that our tiles weren’t placed side by side. Because of the way they were placed, the grout lines didn’t line up and I wasn’t sure that was going to look good after I had painted them. I debated for a while what I was going to do and then I discovered these Wall Pop Peel and Stick Tiles . I was watching stories on IG and saw Kelli Bateman on IG @myhouseof8 using these on her bathroom floors. If you don’t follow her, already do yourself a favor and go do that. She is always doing a DIY project, updating her house on a budget and it always looks amazing. 

I searched Amazon for different prints and I found the one I loved. I had originally ordered two boxes thinking that was enough and I ended up having to buy more. Make sure you buy more than you think you need. In some areas I had to cut the tile in half and in order to match up the design, I wasn’t always able to use the other half of the tile I cut. This meant I needed more tiles to replace the half pieces I wasn’t able to use. After it was all said and done, I spent only $35.94 total on redoing the bathroom floors. This was a STEAL!! Don’t they look amazing? 


Before our offer was even accepted on our new home, I knew one of the first things I wanted to change was the downstairs half bathroom. There are two bathrooms downstairs one of which is in the master bedroom. I knew that the half bathroom was the one guests would use the most and because it’s right off the dining room, its’ one of the main rooms you see when spending time downstairs. It was such an eye sore and I felt that because it was a small, but most useful room, we needed some change. Now my most hated room in the house is my favorite room in the house. 

Bookmark this page if you would like more information on how the floors and shiplap wall were done. I will be posting more detailed post on those two things. Feel free to ask any questions below in comments and follow me on IG @Rusticrosehomestead to view the step by step videos saved in my highlights! 

Not all decor pieces are linked because they were found at TJ Maxx and I could not find them online. check your local TJ Maxx for pieces like the hamper, faux plants, trash can, wooden towel rack and soaps. Also linking a wooden shelf with black brackets if you don’t feel like making our own! 

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