ORC Week 3

It’s week 3 of the Better Homes and Garden One Room Challenge, and the laundry room renovations are underway! So want to know what happened in week 3? Lets dive in! 

Week 3 was all demo + adding new baseboards. I ripped out this big long shelf along with all the baseboards. I got so excited to do so that I forgot to take better before photos, such as a close up of the trim. So trust me when I say they were bad and needed to be replaced. 

Ripping out all the trim was easy peasy; ripping out the shelf was a pain in my butt. It was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. There was so much paint and chalk in every seam of this build. Every screw hole, every joint, literally, every seam! I could have just gotten a hammer and went to town; however, I wanted to protect the drywall behind it, so I had to hunt for all the holes and try to unscrew and unattach every piece that I could. 

After I removed all the baseboards and shelves, I replaced all the baseboards with 1x4s from Home Depot. Everything from removal to replacement on the baseboards was pretty easy! Now that the baseboards are installed, I can work on the beadboard next. The beadboard will lay on top of the 1×4 then I will place another 1×4 on top. Stay tuned because I’ll give you more details on that process in week 4! 

Tools used for demo

Since week 3 was full of of demo, I thought I would share all the tools I used in the process. These are all very beginner tools and easy to use! 

  • Tools used to remove baseboards: Hammer, flat head screwdriver, and box cutter. You will want to run your box cutter across the caulk between the wall and the trim and the trim and the floor. This will make removing the baseboards much easier and won’t damage the wall while prying the trim off. 
  • Tools used to remove the shelf: Hammer, drill, multitool. You may not need the multitool depending on how your shelf is installed. As stated above, mine was installed then chaulked EVERYwhere and painted over. This required me to cut lots of layers of materials, and the multitool worked magic! 

Hart Tools are some of my very favorite tools to use. They are durable, affordable, and, my favorite part, cordless! Plus, they look good. Nothing like a garage full of good looking tools! 

How to track the process

Week 3 of BBH ORC was full of demo + baseboards, and week 4 will be all beadboard and painting. Be sure to come back next week to see what’s coming or follow me on IG @rusticrosehomestead to watch real-time videos on my stories. If you are finding this blog after week 3, don’t worry! I have saved all ORC related content to a highlight. Just look for the “ORC 2020” highlight on my profile. As always, don’t forget to follow along with other participates. You can find a full list of participates here. Thank you so much for joining me on my first ORC; I can’t wait to catch up with ya’ll next week and show you my favorite paint sprayer!

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