2019 Holiday Gift Guide – 6-12 Months

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Whirley Squigz –  These may seem a little pricey for three smaller toys but I’m telling you, they are worth every penny. Liam and Lincoln both love playing with these. There is a suction cup on the bottom of each piece and they stick to nearly everything. They are perfect for playing in the bath, on the highchair or walker. Before Lincoln was crawling, I would put him in his bumbo chair and set him on the bathroom counter while I got ready (right beside me of course) and I would put these on the mirror. He would sit there and play with them the whole time I got ready. They are easy to clean and keeps baby entertained. 

Dimpl – We used to have the smaller version of this and it comes with just two silicone bubbles. Lincoln loved to play with it until we lost it ha! I think he would love playing with the bigger one since there are more silicone bubbles he can play with. 

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker –  We got these for Liam when he was about Lincolns age. Both boys love to play with them so its a great toy your baby can grow with. Lincoln is 10 months old and he loves to just chew on them, look at the different colors and bang them together or on the floor. Liam is almost 3 and he is old enough now that he stacks them and also likes to separate them by color. We have had these for over 2 years and they have held up great, still look brand new and still loved on. 

PipSquigz – This is another toy that we do not yet have but plan on getting for Lincoln. Just like the Whirley Squigz, these have suction cups on the bottom of each piece so you can put them on different surfaces and  also stack them on top of each other. We travel a lot so these will be super easy to carry in the diaper bag and use on the car seat, high chair or stroller to keep him busy. 

Klickity– If you haven’t caught on yet, we clearly love Fat Brain Toys ha! This is another one we don’t have but on the shopping list for Lincoln. Of all the Fat Brain Toys we do have, both the boy love them. The silicone is so easy to clean and very durable. This one is full of sensory features including clicking sounds, movements, and textures. 

 PipSquigez Loops –  This is another toy that Lincoln loved and we lost, so… its going in his stocking this year for Christmas ha! This is a good smaller toy, perfect for a stocking stuffer. Its also small enough to keep in your diaper bag and take out quickly to keep baby entertained. The texture around the loop of the toy is perfect for teething babies.

 MiniSpinny –  When Lincoln was just a few months old he started physical therapy. The physical therapist had the bigger version of this toy in her room and it was such a fun toy. Liam LOVED playing with it while Lincoln was busy. Now that Lincoln is older, I think he would love to play with the smaller version.  The 3 propellers spin down the corkscrew pole as you flip it up and down. Lincoln loves watching things move like this so I think he would love this little toy. 

 Oball Shaker – This is another great stocking stuffer toy and for under $4. Oball is a brand of toy we really like to keep around the house. This one is really easy to hold and Lincoln loves chewing on each side. I linked the one to Amazon but you can also find it at Target if you are looking to grab some last minute stocking stuffers. 

Joovy Walker – This is the BEST walker. With Liam, I had a fun colorful one with little lights and toys on it. It was great for keeping him entertained but there was no space for snacks or drinks. I wanted a walker that Lincoln could use to walk around and play with but also have snacks and his drink. The tray has a removable, dishwasher safe insert which makes this so easy to clean. To keep him entertained, we use toys that have suctions cups and put them on the tray. The tray is big enough for him to have toys, snacks and his sippy cup on it while he cruses around. 

 Fisher Price Rainforest Jumper –  This is my all time favorite jumper. We have tried a couple different ones before keeping this one. Compared to others we have tried, the seat on this jumper is a lot more supportive when they are younger and just starting to use the jumper. I also love where the springs are positioned on this jumper compared to others that have a bouncy base under the feet or springs attached to the side. We got this with Liam about two years ago and its still in great condition.  

VTech Sit to Stand Walker – Another toy that has lasted us over two years. The name explains it all, the removable play panel is great when baby starts sitting on their own. We even used this to play with during tummy time. There are all kinds of lights and sounds that keep Lincoln engaged and learning. He hasn’t started walking yet but when Liam was smaller, he used this to walk all over the house. He loved to walk around then sit in front of it and play then get back up and going again. The perfect two in one gift! 

Wooden Activity Cube –  I’m obsessed with all things wooden. I don’t know what it is about wooden toys but I love them. I’m linking the one found on Amazon instead of Target because its $11 cheaper, but if you are wanting to get it right away without ordering online, it is also available here. This activity cube is full of development  benefits that help baby learn things such as open and closing doors, moving  objects around and spinning them different directions. Lincoln seems to love figuring things out like this so I think he would love this activity cube. 

VTech Learning Cube – Just like the wooden cube, this is full of development benefits. The difference in this one is that its electric so it has sounds, lights and screens that help baby learn. Lincoln loves colors, lights and sounds so this would also be a great activity cube. We haven’t decided between this one or the wooden one but I do think I’m leaning towards this one. 

 Hanging Baby Swing –  We spend so much time playing in the play room and I think this would be the perfect addition to that space. Its just a fun unique piece to have indoors that I think both boys would enjoy it. There are so many hanging swing options online, I personally like this one because its neutral and I love the boho vibes, plus, its pretty inexpensive compared to others I have seen. 

This gift guide is full of the things we love and use almost  daily in our home plus things we can’t wait to try out. I hope this helps you buy the perfect gifts for your littles this Holiday season. If you have used any of these toys listed above that we mentioned we don’t have, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your experiences. As always, thank you so much for reading. Happy Holidays!

Guide can also be found on my LiketoKnow.It page here 

Happy Shopping Friends!!  

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