Must have New Born Items

  1. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Baby Soother and Sound Machine : Both my boys LOVE white noise, it calms them almost instantly. Sometimes when I am out and about, I would turn “white noise” on from my phone and leave the phone in their car seat. This Portable sound machine is the perfect solution for soothing baby and keeping your phone on hand.
  2. Ryan & Rose – Cutie PAT: This was a new brand of pacifier that I tried with my second born. I used the wubba nubs with my first born and I just felt they were too big and bulky. My son is exclusively breast fed and we use these pacifiers. We have been going strong for a couple months now with no nipple confusion and great self soothing.
  3. Boppy Lounger: This is by far my favorite and most used item. I’m not a huge fan of the “C” shape boppy pillow. I feel like your baby slides down easily and I personally don’t use it for nursing, therefore, I don’t have a need for it. This boppy lounger gives baby great support and its portable.
  4. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock : I could go on and on about this item right here. This is another one of my most used items as its used every single day in our home. With both my first and second baby, we used this for them to sleep in. I don’t know if this is because of the dock a tot, however, both my boys have slept through the night since they were 3-4 weeks old, a FULL 8+ hours!! It is breathable, portable and perfect for transitioning baby to crib. Once my first born was moved to his crib at 12 months, I bought the Dock-A-Tot grand, placed it in his crib and he slept all through the night.
  5. Mommys Bliss Gripe Water : This has been my favorite brand of gripe water to use. I have used others, and this is the only one that seems to work instantly.
  6. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack : Hands down, this is my all time FAVORITE diaper bag. When I have my first born I used a tote style bag and it was great, but my shoulder was always hurting. I tried several back pack style back packs and didn’t like anything I had tried. When I found out I was pregnant and would have two under two, I searched for back pack style diaper bags that had a lot of room. I have to admit, I’m an over packing so a spacious diaper bag is a must have for me. I bought this diaper bag hoping and praying it would work. It exceeded all my exceptions for a diaper bag. Its roomy, it has lots of compartments on the inside, its comfortable and stylish! Its a MUST have ya’ll!!!
  7. Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier: I have tried some other humidifiers and it seems that a lot of them spit water or leave a film on everything around the room. This humidifier is perfect! It does not spit water, it doesn’t leave a film on anything in the room, it isn’t too loud and I love that its a cool mist with a crane!
  8. Love To Dream Swaddle UP: Both my boys loved to be swaddled. Within the first couple of weeks, both of them decided they wanted their bodies to be swaddled but they hated their arms being held down. They would some how bust their arms out of the swaddle, their little hands would get cold and they would wake themselves up by twitching or moving their arms. I tried this swaddle with my first born and it was a game changer. He slept all through the night starting at 4 weeks old. He was still able to move his arms and hands but was swaddled at the same time. Tried round two with my second born and he has been sleeping through the night since 3 weeks. Whats also really neat about this swaddle is that there is a pocket on the back that allows you to slip a carseat bucket into. This feature is there so you can place your baby in a carseat and still swaddle them.
  9. Magnificent Baby Baby Unisex Newborn Footie: So, hear me out! These are a tad expensive but… I LOVE them! I feel they are the game charger to all newborn footies. No buttons and no zipper and no struggle. We all know newborns go through SO many diaper changes and they are so squirmy. These footies have magnetic closure which makes changing a newborns diaper or outfit a breeze. They are just as soft as kickees, they feel a little more durable and they don’t seem to fade as much in the wash. They are about the same price as kickees and I must say, I think I think these more.
  10. Itzy Ritzy 4-in-1 Cover: This cover is my favorite when its not too cold outside. I call these my summer covers! The are light weight so your baby doesn’t get hot when its hot outside. If you are a nursing mama, these are SUPER handy because you can just take it off and use it to nurse when needed. You can also use this as a cart cover!
  11. Zacro Baby Car Mirror: I don’t know about ya’ll, but I HATE not being able to see my baby when they are rear facing. Especially when they are crying and I am driving. You want to see them and make sure they are safe. Make sure nothing is clothing their face, fallen on them etc. These mirrors are perfect for being able to watch your littles while they are rear facing.
  12. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier: This is another item I use every single night. Both my boys were born stuffy! I’m sure my pediatrician thought I was crazy with the amount of time I brought them in just to make sure they were ok. From the moment they were born, I was sucking out boogers and running this diffuser with peppermint oil. I love that its a humidifier and diffuser. I also love that it has several light options. I use this as a night light as well so that I can see my baby at night and not have to turn on my lamp.
  13. Fisher-Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play : We sure do love the Rock ‘n Play in our home! We also use the Fisher-Price swing, however, this is portable which I love. I have heard a lot of people love for their newborns to sleep in this at night. I personally have not used it for that, but I do use it daily around the house. Its perfect for brining into the bathroom with you shower so you can keep an eye on baby. This one does rock on its own, however, there are some cheaper ones that do not rock on their own. Make sure you read the description before buying if thats a feature you like.
  14. Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover: Both my boys were born in January when it was cold, so this has been my all time favorite carseat cover. Its thicker that the 4 in 1 cover and it has awesome protection. There is no hole at the top, instead there is a flap, so no cold air gets through. Inside the flap is a net that can stretch around the font if you want to unzip and put the net over the front. That feature is great for outdoors and keeping the bugs away from baby!
  15. Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base: Ya’ll, this Doona car seat is AMAZING, especially if you have more than one child. Its a car seat that turns into a stroller with just one click and pull of a button. My toddler is 2 and my baby is 2 months. My toddler loves to push the stroller when we go to places which is very helpful when I have my hands full. Its also great when you are just popping in somewhere and don’t want to get the big stroller out but you also don’t want to carry around your car seat!

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