5×8 Rugs UNDER $100

When it comes to decorating, I love creating livable but stylish spaces that give you all the warm and cozy vibes. I want guest to walk into our home and think ” its so cozy in here”. I love all things textured and rugs, pillows and blankets are some of my go to pieces. Its a good thing I don’t have an endless budget for decorating or else I’d have a million rugs in my home. Ok, maybe not a million, but at least 2-3 in every room ha! 

To me, picking out the perfect rug can be so hard. I want to find the right look at the right price. The last thing I want to do is order a rug, unpackage it when it comes it, roll it out and it doesn’t look the way I pictured ( I have done this multiple times by jumping the gun and not spending time searching for the right pieces). I’m all about returning items that don’t fit the way I hoped, but returning a rug is not something I want to mess with. If you just read that and thinking to your self “well, thats exactly what I just did” , try to resell your rug instead of returning it. Most of the time, places will charge to ship back or expect you to repackage it. Try using Facebook market place and apps like let go and  next door. Those are some of my favorite places to resell. 

I am currently working on a creating a new dining room space and finding the perfect rug was a part of that project. I wanted to find something that was nurtural and easy to clean since it would be under the table. I have loved every rug purchased at Boutique Rugs, so thats my go to place to buy a rug. I have two little ones, two and nine months. Having a rug that cleans easily is KEY.  I finally found the perfect rug but while I was searching, I fell in love with so many different options so I decided to share my favorites with ya’ll. Here are some of my favorite 5×8 rugs for under $100. For a list of 8×10 rugs for under $200 click here! 

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