Affordable Neutral Living Room

Ok, so I know this says all decor is from Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby and Walmart, but I did add one item that was cheaper else where and thats the area rug. This is my favorite rug from Boutique rugs and they often run sales for up to 55% off.

Click the rug image below and if you don’t happen to see a coupon code, wait it out (if you can). I am a HUGE fan of rugs from Boutique rugs so I’ll always keep an eye out and let my followers know when there are deals. Be sure to follow me on IG so you don’t miss out.

Same rule applies to all items from Hobby Lobby. As most of you know, Hobby Lobby runs deals every other week for 50% off. If you see that your favorite piece isn’t on sale, try to wait one week because Hobby Lobby normally alternates weeks on their sales.

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