ORC Week 2

The laundry room is all cleaned out and ready to go. Let’s start week 2 of the Better Homes and Garden One Room Challenge! I am still waiting on a few more things to arrive in the mail before starting on the bulk of this project, and to be honest; I was hoping to have a lot more done than I do. I got the room all cleared out and cleaned, but I was hoping to have the shelf ripped out and baseboards replaced by the end of this week. Neither one of those things happened. Instead, life happened! So, until I get started, let’s do a little before a tour of the laundry room, and I’ll lay out the plans I have lined up!


Looking at these before shots makes me realize just how badly I hate our laundry room. I hate that there are no windows, it’s so dark and so yellow. The power of paint is going to do wonders in this space. So let’s talk demo; what’s my plan for this space?

Next Step: Demo

For the longest time, I couldn’t decide between cabinets or open shelving. Ultimately I decided on open shelving with a large storage cabinet to the side. To make this happen, the builder-grade shelf has got to go, so I’ll be ripping it off the wall first. Second, on the list of things to do is ripping out all the baseboards. I’m not too fond of the baseboards that were used when building our home. I love big simple baseboards, and I will be replacing them with 1x4s from Home Depot. This is really the only demo I will have to do in this room, not too much at all. After these two things are done, I will take off all the outlet covers and lighting to prep for the beadboard

How to track the process

Be sure to come back next week to check out the demo progress or follow me on IG @rusticrosehomestead to watch real-time videos on my stories. If you are finding this blog after week 2, don’t worry! I have saved all ORC related content to a highlight. Just look for the “ORC 2020” highlight on my profile. As always, don’t forget to follow along with other participates. You can find a full list of participates hereThank you so much for joining me on my first ORC, I cant wait to catch up with ya’ll next week! 

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