6 Month Photoshoot

This little boy went from sleeping soundly on a baby lounger to being all smiles while he sits up by himself for his 6 month photoshoot. Its amazing to me how quickly babies grow and learn in just a few short months. I love nothing more than capturing each milestone and enjoying these precious months of them understanding the world around them. 

Photography : Trevor Fleeman

Luckily for me, I have a brother who is an amazing photographer and videographer so photoshoots are just a call away.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was calling him at 2AM telling him to rush to the hospital because Lincoln surprised us all and came 2 weeks early. How in the world are we already taking 6 month photos?!


I have two go to spots for photoshoots and thats in our home or somewhere outside surrounded by trees, grass, and wooded areas. For Lincolns 6 month photoshoot I wanted to take him to the same place we took Liam to for his 6 month photos, which was a local wild life preserve. If you have one of these close by, I highly recommend. 

When looking for outdoor locations I try to find places that are somewhat secluded in wooded areas. This prevents any type of unwanted backgrounds like buildings, people, cars etc. It also makes for the perfect sunset/sunrise photos as the sun shines perfectly between the wooded spaces. Taking photos outside is a great way to add color and warmth to your photos. Just remember, if you decide to go outside, bring something for make your baby feel comfortable. Prickly grass and sticks are not a babies best friend. Then again, not too sure how comfortable this metal bucket was haha but Liam sure didn’t seem to mind it. 

                                 L I A M                                                                                                        L I N C O L N 

At home is another one of my favorite spots for photos. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love to decorate and the boys nursery/rooms are no exclusion. Basically the second I find out I am pregnant, I am already decorating their nursery in my head ha!

There is something so beautiful and special about taking photos of your baby in their own environment! Not only are you capturing your baby, you are also capturing what your home/nursery looked like through-out the different stages of life. Nothing is more precious than capturing the day-to-day moments in a baby’s life! To me, these are truly the photos you will be looking at again and again and more than likely going to print and have around your home.

O U T F I T 

So, I’m not even going to lie, my outfit selection was solely based on this adorable lion bonnet from Native Fable, home of the animal bonnet. I mean how could I not? Its literally the most adorable thing! If you have not heard of Native Fable, go check out their Instagram and see the most precious IG feed you will ever see. 

With that being said, I wanted to pick a simple but cute outfit to go with his bonnet. I knew I wanted something with buttons and I was pretty positive I wanted it to be a romper, so I quite simply typed in “baby romper with buttons” on amazon and immediately found the perfect outfit. For only $11. 99 , I couldn’t help but buy it in several colors. While looking at rompers, I also found this adorable overall style romper that I fell in love with. No matter what the accessory, I always pick out outfits that I will put them in even after the photoshoot. I’m cheap, so there is no way I’m buying an outfit just for a photoshoot. 

So now you are probably wondering why I bought the Lion bonnet! Well, its August so, I bet you could guess what this little guy is going to be for Halloween haha! I also plan on using it for other photo sessions with my next babies and my two year old LOVES playing with it, so it was  money well spent if you ask me!   

If you are on the fence about taking 6 month photos, I’m here to tell you to just to do it! I promise you wont regret it, but you will regret not doing them. 

These chunky little faces, thigh rolls and gummy smiles wont last long. Remember, capturing these moments doesn’t even have to cost a dime. If you don’t want to spend the money to hire someone  (because we know that can get a bit pricey) , do them yourself! Bust out your camera or phone and check out these helpful tips from The Dating Divas.

If you are going to buy a new outfit, pick something they can wear again. If you dont want to buy a new outfit, pick something you already have at home. Decided on a location that doesn’t require a backdrop or fancy props like being outside with natural surroundings. If you don’t want to leave the house or dont have an area like that close by, no problem, that photos in your home using things that you already have. Most important thing to remember is to just have fun, cherish the moments with your babies and save these photos so that you can always look at them and remember how tiny they were and how much fun it is watching them grow!

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